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When you came in the air went out..
And every shadow filled up with doubt
03 21 10
Okay fine... I'll write my first public entry in a while.... happy? XD

Well, actually.. I dont have the time to do so... so I'll make it short:

I like 30 seconds to mars.....

... yeah thats it....

as for my userpic: HELLYEAHARMPORN!!!! too bad theres a watermark :(

03 21 10 (UTC)
Armporn? Don't you mean Shanporn? ;)
03 21 10 (UTC)
Whahaha XD Well, Shanporn is a whole other league.. its a league I'm not ready to play in... I'll stick with arms and work my way up...

or rather...

down *wink wink*

03 21 10 (UTC)
don't worry I'll play in that league ;)
03 21 10 (UTC)
I know you will! XD
03 21 10 (UTC)
Work it baby, work it *grins*
(Deleted comment)
03 21 10 (UTC)
Signed, sealed, delivered!!

(I dont know why I said that) *bows head in shame*


I added extra armporn aswell XD its in your mail ;)
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